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The Frederick String Initiative is based in the heart of the Frederick community and is  an inclusive and grassroots program.  The goal at FSI is to set an educational standard, offer personalized instruction, and help each individual reach their potential.  FSI includes students ages 6-18 and a few adults.  Some students may be on a professional track.  Many simply benefit from the important life journey string study offers.  The first year of instrument study is the most important and there is no easy substitute for specialized, professional instruction. Establishing a foundation and reaching a standard on a stringed instrument is challenging.  However, with dedication and practice it is accessible to everyone.    Each student's journey will be unique.




All students receive their harp lessons from Astrid Walschot-Stapp.  Mrs. Stapp is a professional musician with three degrees that specialize in harp performance and pedagogy.  FSI holds two solo student recitals each year at the Delaplaine Arts Center in downtown Frederick Maryland.   Students can sign up for the Frederick Harp Ensemble. Ensemble performances are scheduled throughout the year at the C. Burr Artz Library and as part of the Frederick Candlelight Tour. Students are encouraged to attend professional concerts and masterclasses in Frederick and the Maryland Metropolitan area.  Performances, masterclasses, student competitions, summer festivals/camps and FSI news are listed HERE.  


 “Teaching to the needs of the individual while setting a high standard”


Approach and Study

Mrs. Walschot - Stapp grew up with the French style of playing (H. Renie, Grandjany) but does not limit her insight to one method. She has over 20 years teaching experience.  Astrid delights in her student’s accomplishments. Students have been members of the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra, Greater Baltimore Youth Orchestra, and The American Youth Harp Ensemble.  Her students have performed at the White House, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Strathmore Hall.  Some of her students have gone on to pursue careers in music at schools such as Indiana University and the Eastman School of Music. Astrid has also worked with students who have dyslexia and learning disabilities.