Student Commitment

Students are required to commit to 15 lessons in the fall semester  and 17 lessons in the spring semester. Students are not required to commit to a summer term, but must take at least 3 summer lessons if they plan to continue in the fall. This reflects the level of dedication needed to excel in the study of strings. Students will be thoughtfully held to a standard.   Parental involvement and establishing a daily practice routine are very important to developing confidence and ability. Parents are carefully reminded that developing technique on a string instrument requires more training and regularity than many other instruments.   Students are encouraged to obtain a quality instrument.  

In the end, what is most important is the process and unique journey of each student. Students are encouraged to have a trial lesson before beginning regular instruction.  Parents have the option of several tuition payment plans. Summer lessons are charged hourly. Students can enroll at any point during the semester and tuition will be pro-rated.





Please use paypal or make checks payable to 'FSI'. If using paypal please select 'friends and family' and pay from a bank account.  Otherwise we will be charged a fee which we will need to pass on to you. 

Ensemble fees ($60) are not included in the tuition. 

Fall 2017 Tuition (15 Lessons)

          Lesson Violin/Viola Harp
     30 Minutes $517.50 $610.00
     45 Minutes $761.25 $835.00
     60 Minutes $1005.00 $985.00

Spring 2018 Tuition (17 Lessons)

         Lesson Violin/Viola Harp
    30 Minutes $582.50 $690.00
    45 Minutes $858.75 $945.00
    60 Minutes $1135.00 $1115.00



The following are the represented hourly rates for 2017/2018:

Harp Lessons:

30 minute lesson - $40.00
45 minute lesson - $55.00
60 minute lesson - $65.00

Violin/Viola/ Lessons:

30 minute lesson - $32.50
45 minute lesson - $48.75 
60 minute lesson - $65.00