2017 Summer Lessons

Students are not required to commit to a full summer term, but must take at least 3 summer lessons if they plan to continue in the fall and want priority for fall scheduling.  Students may sign up for more than one lesson a week and Skype lessons are a possibility during the summer.   Students must register online by June 1.  The dealine for summer tuition is June 15.  Students cannot register for summer lessons if they have an outstanding balance from the spring semester.    There will be no make-up lessons or refunds for missed summer lessons - your lesson time is reserved for you.  You must notify FSI in advance if you will miss a lesson. Current students must notify FSI by August 1st if they do not plan to continue lessons in the fall.

Please make checks payable to 'FSI' or use paypal. If using paypal please select 'friends and family' and pay from a bank account.  Otherwise we will be charged a fee which we will need to pass on to you.  Summer lessons are charged at the same rate as during a regular semester:  Violin/Viola:  30 minute lesson - $32.50,  45 minute lesson - $48.75, 60 minute lesson - $65.00.   Harp:  30 minute lesson - $40.00,  45 minute lesson - $55.00, 60 minute lesson $65.00.  

Our mailing address is: FSI , 201 Catoctin Ave., Frederick, MD 21701

New students can sign up for lessons at any time during the summer and have the option of a trial lesson.



Violin/Viola lesson Schedule:

Lessons are given between 1pm and 9pm. 

After you have registered, please CONTACT FSI with several day and time options for each lesson that your are scheduling.

Tuesday June 20         Wednesday June 21         Thursday June 22

Tuesday July 11          Wednesday July 12          Thursday July 13

Tuesday July 18          Wednesday July 19          Thursday July 20

Tuesday Aug. 8           Wednesday Aug 9            Thursday Aug 10

Tuesday Aug. 15         Wednesday Aug 16          Thursday Aug 17


Harp students:  After registering, Contact Mrs. Stapp for the harp teaching schedule.