String Ensembles/Group Class

The Frederick String Initiative is an inclusive, grassroots and community based program. Students master their pieces in their private lessons first and then rehearse once a month.  These groups perform twice a year on the FSI recitals at the Delaplaine Arts Center. In addition, students perform at the Frederick C. Burr Artz Library in the spring and during the December Frederick Candlelight Tours.  

Cost  $60 - Due by March 1, 2017  (Ensemble fees are not included in the private lesson tuition)      

Violin/Viola Spring 2017  Rehearsal Schedule:

-Rehearsals are mandatory for those committing to the Ensemble-

Sat. 3/18         2:00 - 4:30  At St. Johns School in the Atrium

Sat. 4/8           2:00 - 4:30  At St. Johns School in the Atrium

Sat. 4/29          2:00 - 4:30  At All Saints Church

Sat. 5/13          2:00 - 4:30   Dress Rehearsal At St. Johns School      



Ensemble Performances

- Sunday May 21, 2017   (2:30 rehearsal)  3:00pm  This is part of the scheduled solo recital.

- Saturday  May 27, 2017  (1:30 rehearsal) 2:00pm Concert at  the C. Burr Artz Library in downtown Frederick. Afterwards, everyone is invited to meet up at the Frederick Coffee Company to celebrate.

All Performances are Free to the public.  Events are wheelchair accessible.

About Ensemble/Group Classes

Ensemble/Group classes complement private lessons.  Historically, all quality string programs have two major components; private lessons and an ensemble/group class.  This format had its seed in the European tradition and became a component of the Suzuki and the El Sistema movements.  Students learn a lot from each other.  At FSI there are two group classes - one for Elementary School students and one for Middle and High School students.  Sometimes the classes overlap and all of the students perform together.  In this way the older students  serve as role models. In addition to their ensemble pieces, students can perform solo pieces and benefit from an informal master class.
Vital to the success of the class is a close and logical connection to the private lessons.  Students learn the pieces in their private lessons first.  Technique learned for solo pieces is also applied to the ensembles.   Rehearsals are spent fine tuning - not learning notes. When they rehearse with their friends, there is a collective understanding of form and movement.   This is where a fun, spontaneous experience begins.  In addition to traditional pieces, students exploring a variety of music including rounds, waltzes, and popular tunes.