Posture, Chinrests & Shoulder Rests

Student Comfort and Set-up

Each student who takes lessons at FSI is first outfitted with the correct chinrest (model and height) and then a shoulder pad.  Students with short necks may not even need a shoulder rest or pad.  This is crucial for development and allows the greatest freedom and comfort.  We are lucky to live in a time when more and more is known about playing correctly with good posture.  In centuries past, it is likely that students with medium to long necks did not have as many opportunites to have a custom chinrest and therefore were discouraged from the study of the violin.  We are lucky to have Frisch and Denig who can fashion a custom chinrest for students who need one.  There was another interesting  study of chinrests done in the Netherlands - Violinist in Balance.   The sister site,  Artists in Balance, deals with the Alexander Technique - the study healthy movement and balance.

The poly-pad is the shoulder rest that I often use for students with medium to long necks.  It is ergonomically tapered so that the end facing the neck is thinner.  This is not the same rest as the untapered shoulder rest that is widely available.  These pads have to be custom ordered.   The poly-pad was developed by violist Michael Kimber.

Shoulder Rest Poly-Pad                                                                                                                   The Poly-Pad Shoulder Rest